3rd and 4th rec of Oriental Plover. Same bird?

Yesterday, the Netherlands had their first ”Steppeplevier”, the 4th Oriental Plover record for Western Palearctic. That reminds me of the 3rd record, the Oriental Plover at Torslandaviken, Sweden 31 May to 1 June this year. We went to see it, but had to wait until after work.

But we were in luck, since the bird didn’t show itself very well until late evening. As we arrived, the plover had just started to move around, foraging in the shrubby wasteland. Also, a brief flight brought the bird just above the heads of the couple of hundred birders to the seaside of the site where the plover could be seen in the open.

Finally, as the sunlight faded away, it flew a short distance into the territory of the Common Ringed Plovers. We left them there, and headed back home, spotlighting along back roads for mammals and other critters of the night.

Posted by Lars Petersson at 12:44 PM