Peru is a marvelous country for birdwatching, so even though this was my third visit, I know that I’ll return here again . The habitats in Peru are so diverse, with deserts just by the shores of the rich Pacific Ocean, Andean mountain tops above 6000 meters, glaciers, dry and wet valleys leading down to the mighty Amazon basin. More than 1800 bird species have been recorded in the country, an unbelievable number only surpassed by Colombia. On this tour we spent our efforts to the central, endemic rich parts. Although I had been to many places there before, I gained 40 new species, and many photos to my collection. Before the main tour, I and Anita spent a couple of days at Lake Junin, in pursuit for rare cats. The first 6 photos in this gallery represent some of the most wanted or unique targets on the trip. The rest are uploaded chronologically.