These two destinations served as both pre and post extensions to the Birdtour Asia tour to Java and Sumatra (see above). The two full days in Singapore should be enough time to find the Smooth-coated Otters, a long desired target for Anita. While looking for these charming creatures, we saw some nice birds too. A very friendly Red-legged Crake being the most memorable… We had 9 full days in Peninsular Malaysia, and we headed strait to the well known sites Fraser’s Hill, Taman Negara and Bukit Tinggi. Although I had been around here before, some new and really great stuff were sighted. How about the shy and enigmatic Asian Tapir (What An Animal!) or an unexpected Storm’s Stork or Orange-backed and Great Slaty Woodpeckers or Red-bearded Bee-eaters or Mountain Peacock-Pheasants…? The first 6 photos in this gallery, represent some of the most wanted or unique targets on the trip. The rest are uploaded chronologically.