This trip covered the states of Punjab, Gujarat, Rajasthan and Maharashtra and was arranged by James Eaton/Birdtour Asia. We had 2 very successful weeks with all target birds seen well, even though some of them were proven elusive and found in the very last minute. Star birds on the tour were Great Indian Bustard, Forest Owlet, Sykes's Nightjar, White-naped Tit, Indian Spotted Creeper, Marshall's Iora and I could easily add 20 more with "star quality". No country in the world has a bigger number of Critically Endangered bird species (16) and we saw six of those (Great Indian Bustard, Forest Owlet, White-rumped Vulture, Red-headed Vulture, Indian Vulture and Sociable Lapwing). The first 6 photos shows some of the most desired birds by me and my travel companions. Thereafter the images are uploaded chronologically. See the full Birdtour Asia report here.